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The Prophet's Garden

The story follows two young men in a post-apocalyptic world. Disease and hard times descend on the inhabitants, including a fanatical new messiah who thinks he can cure the world.

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Yeah yeah I'm slow as all hell. Problem is that I'm getting more and more anal about pages...Although I might have some more free time on my hands with certain projects getting done. Welp. Let's see. Here's to getting back to plot after sexeh time. XD

posted by Puneeco @ 15 Jan 2015 10:58 am  -  1 comments

Chapter Four

Well, I'm back. I have moved, partied with friends, co-workers, graduates and family over the course of the month of May. I am also done with work for the summer, giving me time for more artistic pursuits.

I've been waiting for months and months post these following pages. There will be a couple pages coming out this week. Be sure to check. =)

We're starting on chapter four. I'm rather amazed that I made it this far and that some people actually like to read the darn thing.

I will be going to London and Milan for a bit coming up and then after that my parents are coming over. For the first time to Finland. That'll be interesting.

Thanks for dropping by, as always,


posted by Puneeco @ 03 Jun 2014 07:46 am  -  0 comments

Wut wut now?

Oh hey! I've not been doing too bad! Also the end of the chapter is coming!

Exciting stuff. Hell, I'm excited. =)

Don't forget that my other project 'The Cat of a Madman' Updates every week and if you haven't already, both of my comics have facebook pages where the updates are loaded. So if you forget, there's a reminder right there!

Life wise everything is crazy at the moment. Nothing bad, just a lot happening at once. As of this morning we found out that we'll be moving. We're signing the contract tomorrow. Shit dude.

So yes, moving. That'll be fun. Time to get rid of things. If you live in Finland, hit me up and I'll give you stuff. =)

Also I've streamlined life a bit. Now that I'm the team leader at my glorified babysitting job (Oh how I love it though.) I have more responsibilities and I'm taking them to heart. I therefore cut back on other jobs like cleaning and volunteer positions that I didn't have time for.

BUT, I'm still a stoopid head. I'm a part of the HIAA and I'm doing the poster for our exhibition like boss. I have commissions that I'm just...not getting to....C'mon Geneva!! Priorities!!!

ARg. Projects projects projects. I get so wrapped up in drawing, or sewing, or....anything. Moving will be good for me. Hopefully.

posted by Puneeco @ 24 Mar 2014 10:52 am  -  0 comments

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