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The Prophet's Garden

The story follows two young men in a post-apocalyptic world. Disease and hard times descend on the inhabitants, including a fanatical new messiah who thinks he can cure the world.

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New Tablet Acquired.

So. I got a new tablet. Pages are finally able to be made! YAY!

posted by Puneeco @ 19 Mar 2016 02:24 pm  -  0 comments


Yeah yeah I'm slow as all hell. Problem is that I'm getting more and more anal about pages...Although I might have some more free time on my hands with certain projects getting done. Welp. Let's see. Here's to getting back to plot after sexeh time. XD

posted by Puneeco @ 15 Jan 2015 10:58 am  -  1 comments

Chapter Four

Well, I'm back. I have moved, partied with friends, co-workers, graduates and family over the course of the month of May. I am also done with work for the summer, giving me time for more artistic pursuits.

I've been waiting for months and months post these following pages. There will be a couple pages coming out this week. Be sure to check. =)

We're starting on chapter four. I'm rather amazed that I made it this far and that some people actually like to read the darn thing.

I will be going to London and Milan for a bit coming up and then after that my parents are coming over. For the first time to Finland. That'll be interesting.

Thanks for dropping by, as always,


posted by Puneeco @ 03 Jun 2014 07:46 am  -  0 comments

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